Help a single mother from domestic violence

by Andy
Created May 22, 2020 | Nairobi, Kenya
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I take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to read my story and support me in my campaign.
It was not always this difficult, my marriage was everything i always wished for until we got our first child things were never the same again. He stopped coming home, he stopped providing and every time he came it was my worst nightmare cause all I could think of is the beating I would go through in front of my children. I never dared telling my friends or parents cause it was so shameful and could not face the abuse or the father of my children been sent to jail.
I said no more and walked away without anything just my children praying and hoping for a good samaritan who would come to my rescue. It was easier than staying there and let him kill me. It was not easy but I had to gather the courage to do it. I have done all kinds of job's over the years washing people clothes, selling my groceries on my small station to just provide and put a roof over our heads & food on the table.
I tried it all on my own without family support, I have given up hope but every time I look at my children I encourage myself, pray and I believe one day all our tears and despair will come to pass. But now the Corona virus has taken my only source of income and I can't even put food on the table or pay rent.
Please help a mother bring hope to her children and give them a future that they will never have to beg just to be able to survive on their own. It's my prayer and hope that with your generosity and kindness you will wipe away my tears and bring joy and hope to me and my family even after the Corona virus scare has passed.
I thank you all in advance and God bless you.
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