Koala rescue on Kangaroo Island

by Cesar
Created May 22, 2020 | Ashfield, NSW
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Hi everyone, I am a qualified tree climber that has been involved with wildlife rescue and release since 2010. 45155522_1580439365525429_r.jpeg
I have stepped away from my tree care business in Sydney and have come down to Kangaroo Island to volunteer after hearing there was a real need for people with tree climbing and koala handling / rescue experience.

There’s a lot of kolas that haven’t been injured but will starve if left in the wild so we need to locate them and bring them into care until there’s a habitat for them.


People have asked me where they can donate money and I would like to humbly say that if you would like to enable me to stay down here for longer than a week, I could use help with the costs of being here including accommodation, travel, equipment and paying my rent and other basic life expenses at home while I’m not earning a living.

I’m self funding this work and not supported by any charity. If you’re interested in enabling me to stay here for longer by funding me, please consider donating.
Thanks for your time,
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