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Gifting Volunteer's Network

by Beckham
Created May 22, 2020 | Nigeria
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Gifting Volunteer Network Mission is to create an environment where every child has educational rights and materials, live above poverty and become an active participant in socio-economic development irrespective of race, color or gender. We want to empower every child to succeed in life by providing for indigents children and poor families with care and sustained solutions to issues caused by poverty through education, healthcare, food, livelihood, advocacy, and humanitarian aid. Gifting Volunteer Network is dedicated to breaking the cycle of illiteracy in the world, particularly in Nigeria. By so doing, we are providing a sustainable solution to the problem of urban and rural child poverty in the world. Gifting Volunteer Network envisions a world where deprived, excluded and vulnerable children in the inner cities and remote areas have access to free books and reading materials as well as free medical services. We cannot do this alone; that is why we need your help in making our vision a reality. Through public donation, we can reach a ???????lost generation???????? by providing access to quality education on a huge scale. By making books accessible to those that cannot afford them, those from deprived environments, you are sowing a seed of change into their lives. By inculcating the habit of reading in them, you are giving them a chance to dream of and work towards a better life. You are writing your names in history books because you will have contributed to the lives of the ones that will make a difference for themselves and their society. Because we believe in the power of education, we at Gifting Volunteer Network work towards creating opportunities through education for some of the vulnerable children in Nigeria. We help children whose parents cannot afford educational materials, many of whom are living in remote rural villages that are inaccessible to quality education. Our work will be delivered through local and foreign partners and together we hope to distribute over 5,000 textbooks, exercise books and writing materials every four months interval to underprivileged children. These children do not have a voice and that is why Gifting Volunteer Network is working hard to give them that voice. These children need hope and that is what we are working to give them. Acknowledging their existence is not enough; hence we implore the general public to join in giving these children the opportunity to discover and explore their talents. Education is not for a particular ethnic, religious or social group; it is for all. Why not hop on this charitable ride? Kindly help us to break the cycle of illiteracy in Nigeria. Thank you.
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