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Created Nov 29, 2021 | Russia Krasnodar
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Vladimir Sologub, Age 11 months, City: Krasnodar
Diagnosis SMA (spinal muscular atrophy) type 1
Hello, dear benefactors!
Our long-awaited, beloved and coveted baby Vovochka was born on 16.09.2020. Our son was born healthy and strong. It seemed that all was well and there was no limit to our happiness.
At 2 months during a routine visit the neurologist suspected hypotension. Later a council was called and a decision to admit him to a hospital was made. Already in the hospital our kid had a genetic test done. Three weeks of long, harrowing and frightening waiting. Unfortunately, all fears were confirmed - the diagnosis was SMA, type I. Spinal muscular atrophy is a deadly, ruthless genetic disease. Often children with this disease do not live to be two years old. Lack of therapy leads to irreversible consequences: all the muscles in the body gradually fail, leading to complete immobility, and then to difficulty in swallowing and breathing.
Since the day we found out about the disease, we have been fighting an unequal battle for my son's life! And we have a chance to win.
There is only one medicine in the world, "Zolgensma", which can give our son a full life.
This drug is administered once and for life. It restores all the vital functions in the body and the child continues to develop as all normal children.
But the cost of the drug, fabulous - $2,274,031.000. We can't afford to collect it ourselves. As a mother, I'm scared to realize that saving my son costs so much!
We have to ask everyone who sees our grief, who is reading our plea for help right now. Please respond!
Help us save our son.
We sincerely believe that with joint efforts we will be able to reach the goal and give our son a happy childhood and a long life!
With respect and hope, Vova's mother.
Even a small donation can save a life. There is no such thing as a small donation. It is the desire to help that counts.
Such large funds in a short time is difficult to collect, so our task is to help collect funds which will replenish the general collections, take part, help.
Time is short, we need to hurry and raise funds, who is not indifferent, can also help and share information in social networks and among friends. Thank you to everyone who helps with us.
Sincerely with you, "CashPay Charity" and "Help save a life".
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