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Juniors netball & soccer games

by Fano Ngcobo
Created Sep 19, 2021 | Asanda Village, Strand, South Africa
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Hi friends!
*Games are scheduled for November 2021*
A post-lockdown games!

A Covid-19 lock-down regulations of almost a year, imposed by government, has been very taxing to the young minds.In fact, the lock-down regukations have been stressful on most of us! As the country has eased out of the Covid-19 restrictions, and as we, in the Southern part of the country experiencing the spring season (a new life!), the children and young adults have, yet, another opportunity to connect again.
The netball/soccer tournament
Pray help us oganize for a major sporting event for the kids and youth of our township, Asanda Village, Capetown.
Our biggest needs
1. 10 netball trophies @ $61.07 each
2. 10 soccer trophies @ $61.07 each
3. 4 set neball kits @ $203.57 each
4. 4set soccer kits @ $169.7 each
5. cooked lunch for kids, cool-drinks @ $339.04 (in total)
6. logisticals @ $203.64
7. 20 balls
Let's go out there and put a smile on the faces of kids.
Thanking you in advance for your contribution.
God bless you.
Fano Ngcobo
Youth Sport Organizer
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