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Support starving orphans and single mothers

by Nansubuga Grace
Created Jul 22, 2021 | Uganda ??
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Am a pastor at Jesus Good Working Ministries found in Uganda and in our ministry we have orphans and single mothers about 50 of them whom we're looking after. We have been using the tithes and offerings we get to support them and help them get the necessities they need so that they can also enjoy a better life.
However since the month of June this year, the government stopped churches from congregation in an attempt to reduce on the spread of covid 19. This has left us bankrupt and unable to support these orphans anymore since we don't have any source of income. All these people are having hope in us for their survival yet at this time we have nothing to help them. That's why I have resorted to you requesting for support from any volunteers so that we can continue helping these people and make them go through this situation. Your contribution will be highly appreciated.
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