I need money for my education

by Rika
Created Jan 14, 2021 | Indonesia
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I'm a university student from Indonesia. Right now I live alone in my dorm, my dad used to pay for my college but right now he dissapeared, I don't know where he is.
Before that happens, the crowd destroyed my dad fields and gardens, which were the only job he had.
My mom lives with another family,
​​​​​My parents have their own significant other. Get divorced since I was young.
I had a job before and right now I only do drop shipping but there's no single product has sold yet. Even though many people asked about the products I sell. And I'm still looking for a new job. Even though I have saving money, it's only enough for my food, I don't think I will have it in a short time period anymore.
So I'm stuck right now. This is one of all my efforts that I can do.
I haven't paid the loans, and I need to leave this dorm soon, and also need to pay for tuition fees soon too.
That's why I only have short time to get money, that it's not enough to get even if I got a job.
​​​I'll be so grateful if you can help me. Thank you so much!
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