Help Rachels famlly to pay rent

by Alejandro Gonzalez Delgado
Created Jan 12, 2021 | United states
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Good day, i am rachels lucky father, she is 4 months old, and at the moment I come to you all for help, I havent been able to pay the rent money completely and the owner gave us till today to come up with the full amount. We are also out of groceries but my wife and I have think paying the rent is our main worried. I was fired from my stable job few months ago and since than I been doing small gigs or quick jobs but they have slow down, anything would be highly appriciate from $1,$5,$10 it would make a big difference for our family.
I thank you all in advance, I will talk about all of you kindness, for everyone to know there are good people out there.
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