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Share your Meal with these vulnerable youths.

by Muwumba Azaria
Created Oct 11, 2020 | Uganda
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Dear sir/madam,
Hope this letter finds you in good health? My name is Muwumba Azaria from Uganda. I'm very purposeful, I always achieve my goals and go to the end, it's difficult to stop me, if I decided something then I will do it! I always try to give a helping hand to those who need it. Being idle is not my style.
I'm working with Architectural Handcrafts UG. We are a non profit organization.
We have a project running. we want to make the world a better place. our main focus is on the social development of vulnerable youths in Uganda. Uganda maintains a very large population of vulnerable youths, and is demographically one of the youngest countries in the world. many youths have lost their parents, to AIDS or the consequences of poverty, Misery and violence. vulnerable youths in Uganda have had their lives upended because of actions taken to contain Covid-19, and they are facing heightened stress, and they feel desperate. Architectural Handcrafts Ug has provided food relief for our brothers and sisters in a starving state, and creating job opportunities to reduce poverty in Uganda. We started in 2014 and at least somewhere we would wish to meet our goal If granted chance to create job opportunities for the vulnerable youths.
As a senior coordinator for Architectural Handcrafts UG, We are fighting and working so hard to help vulnerable youths empower themselves with Innovative ideas, and giving them safe and viable options for earning a living.
Our goal for 2021 is to help 300 vulnerable youths participate in handcraft skills, this will help them steer their lives above the poverty line, we've embarked on this journey to not leave vulnerable youths behind. Join us in creating a better community. I humbly request for your hand of support towards buying enough materials, medical supplies, and paying for the shelter. Your donation save a life. No one person can do everything, but everyone can do something, Take an action today to change the lives of vulnerable youths by making a donation! All vulnerable youths deserve the chance to build a future out of poverty. Your donation will have a dramatic impact on the lives of Young generation. Thanks you for partnering with us. Your support is much appreciated. May the Almighty God stand with you.
Muwumba Azaria.
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