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Created Aug 29, 2020 | Philippines
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Hi everyone, my name is Jeffrey.(Hoping that someone who can read all this)
This is my True to Life Story.
Every one of us dreams of having a beautiful or comfortable house, especially for our Family. I'm just like you dreaming for that beautiful or even organized house for you and for our Family. But I'm not in a different situation like you to have a stable job or even having money to buy things. I'm an ordinary student who's dreaming of having a beautiful or comfortable house, especially for my Family. As a human, I'm a really hard working student for my Family especially for my Parents. Working while schooling is not easy for me to handle my time from school, work or even from the house. With that, I can handle and manage my time to overcome that everyday in my life.
Honestly, we don't have a good Comfort Room, kitchen or even a cement floor in our house and during the rainy season our inside house is also raining because of the small hole there and because of that we don't have any money to repair it. And also we don't have a comfortable room for our bed time when we sleep every night or when we need to rest. I thought that where I can get money to repair our Little House for this Pandemic. No part time job or school. Actually almost 5 years that we experience this situation in our house. I don't have any idea where I could get money or even to my parents to repair this house because my Mother is a housewife and she is a PWD's and my Father is a motor mechanic but sometimes he has no money if there is no customer, his money for his work it cost only $11 for our only daily needs for foods. But it's depend for his customer because without customers no income. We are only poor and not rich but we are blessed to overcome this.
I'm here hoping that someone can Help me with Any Amount from your Pocket that comes from your Heart. I'm Praying that through this Funds I can repair our Little House coming from you. I don't know you but I'm really grateful and blessed for having this opportunity to come to my life even though we don't know each other but you have a humble heart.
SEND LOVE AND KINDNESS! This is my PayPal Account
Every Little Donation Helps and If you don't have money, Don't worry. I would be Happy if you could use by Comment and Sharing button to share about my Project Globally regarding my situation right now.
Together we can make sure that our lives will CHANGE because of your helps. So that we can rebuild our Home (My Little House for my Family).
Thank you in advance for helping my Family.
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