Hair loss treatment

by Pawel Zabicki
Created Aug 24, 2020 | Warsaw
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Hello lovely people,
my name is Pawel and I am trying to find a way to get a hair transplant. Unfortunately, due to my current financial situation it is not available for me.
My hair loss started after my health and mental problems got worse (I also deal with complex PTSD). At first I was diagnosed with androgenic hair loss and got different medications to stop it. Unfortunately, without any improvement and as it occurs hair are falling out all over my head in different spots. Now, when I���m looking at myself in the mirror I see a different person and I am collecting in my head the images of ���past me��� from the previous year.
This and different visible changes in my body has a huge impact on my self-esteem, I look way less attractive and feel way less attractive, like I���ve turned years older in a quite short time .
Now, I would like to do everything to get my hair back before those will completely fall out.
I wanted to start acting career for real and a bit of modeling (to gather any money so I could get on my feet at last) so I am trying to get back to how I looked and feel more confident and less anxious.
So, it doesn���t only impacts my life on the field of a career but also and of course (so to speak) a ���romantic��� part of it.
Right now get a hair transplant I have a two options:
- first one, here in my town would cost me around 8.000 dollars.
- second one, in Turkey, which would cost around 5.000 dollars.
If you can help in any way, I would be grateful. If there is any other way you can help that a financial support, like advise for example, please let me know.
Below I am postig pictuers of my hair.
Here is a picture of me, four months back:
Here's how it looked like 2 months ago:
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