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Created Jul 23, 2020 | Indonesia
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Hi, my name is Fadia. I am a senior high school student. Beside taking lessons in classroom, I am also actively participated in extracurricular activities. I study hard because I have a dream that must be achieved. My dream is to travel around the world by spreading love and peace to humanity. I also want to be a successful woman so that I can repay my parents' kindness, help poor people, orphans and help sick person who need money for the medical expenses.
My parents are just ordinary people and not rich people. My father is a small business owner whose income is only enough for our basic needs. As for the tuition fees for me and my little sister, my father does not have money. Especially in the Coronavirus pandemic like this, my father's income is very low. He says that under this condition, there is not always sale within a week so this is very worrying for us. As my mother is only a housewife.
The school where I study requires me to pay the school fee and textbooks. Beside that, because of the Coronavirus pandemic condition, I still study online at home. My teachers often give assignments that must be done by using a laptop. Unfortunately, I don't have a laptop.
My father is confused about how to get money for my school fee, laptop and textbooks. Therefore, I hope that many good people like you are willing to help me.
I really appreciate any of your donations. Your US $1 donation means a lot of to me. Thanks for your support and kindness.
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