Help replace holes with sanitary towels

by Albert Keronye
Created Jul 12, 2020 | Tana River, Kenya
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Can you imagine that somewhere in this world teenage girls are forced to dig small holes and sit on them during their menstrual flow?
���������This is what is happening in Tana River near the coastal region of Kenya.
������������������This community is struck with poverty and only depends on livestock keeping that causes the elderly to spend most of their time looking for pasture for their animals.
������������������These teenage girls are left with no one to educate them on the health issues and especially the physical changes they are undergoing as they grow up. Furthermore it is considered a taboo for the elderly to talk openly to teenagers about sex.
This now forces the teenage girls now to opt to other ways in dealing with their situation. Some are forced to tear rags from their old clothes and use during their monthly periods while others dig small holes and sit on them.
Following this, there is a drop in academic performance as most girls prefer staying at home during their monthly periods rather than facing embarrassment from their fellow students at school. Others end up dropping out of school as they get discouraged and opt to get married.
This campaign is aimed at raising money to make sure that the girls don't pass through this tough situation any more. The money that will be used to:
  1. Buying and distribution of sanitary towels to teenage girls in the region.
  2. Orginise seminars to educate the teenage girls on their health and sexuality.
  3. Carry out a campaign on making sure that those who had dropped out of school resume learning.
  4. Creating awareness on the importance of girl child education to the community
I believe that together we can make a great change by replacing the rags and holes with sanitary towels that will maintain these girls at school and improve their education for a better future.
������������������Thank you so much as you plan to be part of this campaign.
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