Help lulu the Syrian kitten

by Enzo
Created May 22, 2020 | Damascus, Syria
$26,245 raised of $2,000 goal 1312.25%
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Lulu needs your HELP! unfortunately after the corona virus outbreak, i live in Syria and i lost my job and a lot of money, and everything is now double the price, i barely can afford cat food and vitamins for Lulu, i need help to take care of her and get her everything she needs, she has a spine problem which makes walking hard for her and every other cat activity, she needs extra attention and pampering, from simple cat treats to medical care, you can contact me for live videos of her :)
love you all and thank you in advance ????????????
  • Keven
    Keven donated $250
  • Kyleigh
    Kyleigh donated $235
  • Tommie
    Tommie donated $295
  • Edmond
    Edmond donated $250
  • Carolanne
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  • Markus
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  • Fermin
    Fermin donated $30
  • Charley
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  • Herminia
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  • Dora
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