Fight against early child marriages

by Walter
Created May 22, 2020 | Kikyamuzi, Kakumiro district, Western Uganda
$2,890 raised of $30,000 goal 9.63%
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In kikyamuzi, Western Uganda over than 90% of the population can hardly read and write. Due to high level of ignorance, many young girls are lured into marriage at an early age; the starting of St Mary's Nursery and Primary School in the remote area of Kikyamuzi, was seen as a solution to fight against ignorance and early Child Marriages. The school has more than 200 children, but the studying environment is still poor as there are no enough class rooms, no clean water, and light ( solar or electricity to facilitate the study at night), there is no also teachers quartors; this campaign therefore, seek to improve on the lives of less priveledged children so that their future may be bright.
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