Wedding Donations

by Dalton
Created May 22, 2020 | Manzini
$2,340 raised of $10,000 goal 23.40%
  • 8 Donations
  • No deadline

I wish to give the love of my life her dream wedding. She doesn't demand a lot and appreciates anything but I want to give her the best for she deserves it. If only I wasn't In debts I would try to. Anything that can make difference is greatly appreciated
  • Carl
    Carl donated $200
  • Zayden
    Zayden donated $800
  • Jagger
    Jagger donated $100
  • Franklin
    Franklin donated $100
  • Atlas
    Atlas donated $200
  • Tucker
    Tucker donated $500
  • Beckett
    Beckett donated $100
  • Moshe
    Moshe donated $340
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