Genetic analysis & gravestone

by Orion
Created May 22, 2020 | Bremen, Germany
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Hello dear reader. I am asking here for support, as my wife and I cannot master the challenge alone and are dependent on help here. To my request. Our daughter, Linn Valentina, died unexpectedly on February 4th, 2020. Our daughter was a healthy child with a congenital heart defect. We had wonderful 11 1/2 months with our daughter and she is a very happy child and laughed a lot. Her curiosity has been indescribable and we still feel her unconditional love. On January 30th our daughter suddenly became unconscious. She had slight cold symptoms the days before, but we thought it was just a cold. Then, on the aforementioned 30.01., she lost consciousness in the arms of my wife and then went directly with my mother to the pediatrician. I was at work at that time. The pediatrician did not know what to do and called the ambulance service, which drove our daughter directly to the emergency room of our local hospital. There she was treated first. In the meantime, I arrived at the hospital and saw my daughter struggling and looking for us in the emergency room. She has to be put under anesthesia and then be transported to another, more specialized hospital. We stayed there for several days... In the early morning of February 4th the intensive care unit called us in our parents' room and we had to come to the ward as soon as possible ... they were already fighting for their lives. After a total of one hour of resuscitation measures they had no chance. Our little daughter took her last breath in my arms. The cause of her death was a cardiac arrhythmia caused by pneumonia - her little heart could no longer fight against it. We still do not know why our daughter had to go to hospital and the health insurance does not cover genetic testing for deceased persons. Therefore we have to finance the examination ourselves and since we have absolutely no savings we are dependent on help. We suspect a metabolic disease - but we are not sure until the examination is completed. In the hospital they have not had such a case so far and a clarification would also have an effect on children in the future - because then children and babies could be saved if necessary. We urgently ask you to support us financially in this investigation. 8.500,00 ??????? are needed for the genetic analysis & gravestone and we are grateful for every Euro that is collected through this campaign. Many thanks to all who participate. The investigation will of course also look into whether my wife and I may have transmitted something or whether we may have passed on a genetic defect. Unfortunately, this only works if our daughter's genes are matched with ours. Best wishes, Laris Nukic
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