Lentil????????s Road To Recovery 2020

by Cesar
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Lentil’s 7th Birthday is coming up and we are staying confident that it will be our Best. Birthday. Yet! It’s taken me a bit to try to compile thoughts- and I’m not even sure I can formulate all I want to say even now....but here we go. I want to start out by saying “Thank you” to all of you for all of the support and love that you have been sending- I know he feels it and I surely do too. I know they are small words- but please know there is so much meaning behind them. Each year we raise money for CCA Kids- an organization that we hold so close to our hearts- so this year, even though we have mountains to climb- we are doing the same- because nothing will stand in the way of our kids. The first $5000 of our Birthday wish will go to CCA Kids- we want to help them in their efforts to support the children and families we just love so much. Everything over the last couple days is a blur. It feels like I’m living in a to try to sum up info for you without writing a novel.... I always knew that Lentil’s back was an issue, but all one can do is hope for the best and celebrate each day as it comes (and goes). We have so much to do- we can’t let “worry” stop us. The universe just decided that January 9, 2020 was our day. I woke up about 6a and Lentil was sitting up- in a puddle of saliva- looking at me panting and paralyzed in his hind end. At that point I knew it was “our turn”- I’ve watched so many animals and their amazing Moms and Dads go through it....and now it was just time for us to do the same. I picked him up- as he was screaming in pain and pouring urine down the front of me- and the words that’s I’ve said so many times to him...Here.We.Go.... We were in the car headed on our 20min drive to Mount Laurel Animal Hospital- as I’m calling his “Aunt Taylor” in emergency to fill her in. If anyone has had to come through ER’ve probably met Taylor- the beautiful blonde- who’s loud and bubbly- and BEST yet....she knows her stuff! (Along with everyone there- but I’ll just say poor Taylor got the “lucky” wake up call that day we were coming). Lentil is not a good patient...he likes the world to be exactly his way- and will not tolerate anyone (including myself) telling him what to do. He tells us. And when he doesn’t feel well....he makes sure to punish everyone around him. Honestly though- I think that’s the blessing in disguise with that boy. Taylor was able to place a catheter and by that time Dr Cohen was coming into the Hospital. Upon exam- Lentil had no deep pain sensation in his hind end. Dr Cohen spoke to me as his coworker there- but most importantly talked to me as Lentils Mom- the way he treats every patient and their family that comes to him- and I so much appreciated that. We knew an MRI was necessary- and we spoke at length about recovery. Recovery meaning his chances of ever being “normal” again. What’s normal really? When we got the MRI results- his chances went further downhill- but when I saw Dr Cohen and his team when they were off to surgery- I said to him “are you confident you can help his pain?”....he looked me straight in the eye and said he could. (Really he said he would try....but I know what he meant)- I just needed to feel his confidence. That’s all I cared about. A confident Dr and Nursing Team. Lentil tolerated anesthesia like a champ- surgery went well and they felt as though they relieved a lot of decompression. He had/has a huge bruise at the base of spinal cord which set him back further- but again....We take things as they come. The following day- Lentil was still recovering in ICU- and he was not a happy camper having his nurses and Drs care for him....he wanted out. He had gotten himself so worked up being there (even though everyone was doing next to no handling)- that he ended up having to be intubated to attempt to get him calm. While sedated, he still had shallow breathing...and couldn’t get fully settled. I think it was around 230 or so- could’ve been midnight for all know....but I was talking with his ICU Dr as one of his nurses ran in and said she needed her NOW....I’ve been in the veterinary field long enough to know what that means. I peeked into ICU and saw (literally) everyone in the room surrounding him. That’s when my brain shut off. I somehow walked into my Exotics ward and saw Mary at the computer with her back to me. I stood there as my life was running its circles through my head and then- and I think this is when I “accepted it”- said “he’s gone”. Mary- being one of the most amazing nurses/friends a girl could ask for whipped around- and ran to ICU. Somehow I found Liz and Gianna- two other exotics nurses that have been my rocks and they stood with me in the hallway- literally giving me exactly what I needed at that moment- support. It feels like it was hours- but all of that happened in a about 2 minutes- and somehow my legs started to walk. I bucked up as a Mama and went into ICU. Lentil was surrounded by the most loving- and calm Team. Everyone in that room was working together. Nothing else mattered at that point except for the patient they had in front of them. And that goes for every patient in that hospital. You see “behind the scene” pictures of Lentil....but that’s because I am there. But EVERY patient gets those kisses and that same’s what we do. I walked into that room and saw Kim on top of him doing CPR. I remember him on his side and everyone around him working so hard. I called it- I told them to stop. I will take our boy to anywhere- but at that moment....I thought he was done. I accepted his fate. I told Kim to stop and I looked at him and said thank you....she locked eyes with me- and I knew she didn’t want to give up- but she accepted my wishes- stepped down and then the next thing I hear is someone scream that he was breathing! That’s when I walked out. My mind couldn’t process it. And then I felt like such a crappy mom....I just gave up on him and he gave a slap in my face. I’ll beat myself up over that forever....but it makes sense- Lentil likes to beat me up....he isn’t afraid to remind me when I’m a slacker. The staff at MLAH saved our boy. Every moment counted. From the front desk- each department- his clean blankets- EVERY single person that wears those scrubs in that building played an enormous part. THEY brought him back to us. Now it’s our turn to see him through. I’m rambling...but with reason- and I know still can’t find the words to express what happened.
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