Save Front Street Shelter animals

by Tyson
Created May 22, 2020 | Sacramento, CA
$2,140 raised of $40,000 goal 5.35%
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Today, our shelter animals need a hero. We’re running low on funding, and can’t possibly save all the animals who need care without your help.

Your donation provides lifesaving surgeries, medicines, supplies, food, and other essentials to give homeless pets the healing and hope they need to thrive and get adopted. Rest assured your donation will go directly to helping animals at our shelter.

We can’t thank you enough for your continued support…Let’s save some lives!
  • Apollo
    Apollo donated $350
  • Paul
    Paul donated $150
  • Greyson
    Greyson donated $350
  • Warren
    Warren donated $340
  • Jesus
    Jesus donated $100
  • Lea
    Lea donated $250
  • Deacon
    Deacon donated $500
  • Zaiden
    Zaiden donated $100
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